Welcome to Wayan and the Turtle King’s web page.

Getting an idea out there is not as simple as writing a book. Creation has many steps to it. Writing, translation, illustration, layout… these are the first steps. They might be considered the easy ones.

Next, it requires a step into the unknown. a step outside of your comfort zone. It requires research, more reading, goal setting, organisation, time lines, calculations and hustling.

I hope that you will join me on this exciting journey.



“Congratulations for being blessed with the art of storytelling. I love your story and fingers crossed millions of Indonesian children would love it too. “Petr Hindrich, Green Books

“I love your story”

“I finally had time to read it carefully, and I like it so much. The tone is perfect for kids. I liked the turtle kingdom & I thought drawing the turtle kingdom was a great age-appropriate creative extention”- Meg Stivison, English Teacher and Game Designer

“The tone is perfect for kids”